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Devlopment and Hotel Studies Services

Lighthouse Hospitality Group for 12 years has completed hotel market feasibility studies for internal use as well as for our own ownership groups.

For the last 6 years, Lighthouse Hotel Development Group has officially commenced completing hotel market feasibilities for third parties.  

We provide market and feasibility studies to assist City Administrators, developers, investors, and lenders to determine the financial viability of proposed hotel projects.

As a hotel owner and operator of various types of hotel and brands, we offer a perspective that most market study companies cannot.  Our costs for development budgets and profoma costs are in real time, not based on "industry averages".

The scope of the scope of our studies include:


  • Market Overview

  • Site Analysis

  • Supply Analysis

  • Demand Analysis

  • Financial Review

  • Conclusions

  • Executive Summary

  • Brand Selection


We know timing is crucial so we strive to complete the market study usually in six to eight weeks.

Call to discuss your project and proposal for a comprehensive market study.

Laptop and Paperwork

Interested in what we do? Contact us today! 

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