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Management Services

Owner Relations
  • Capital Improvement planning and implementation 


  •  Business reviews with principals 


  • Yearly business presentation and planning session

Guest Relations
  • Weekly guest service analysis


  • Guest service planning and implementation

Employee Relations
  • Recruitment and hiring of staff


  • Employee relations


  • Employee development

Revenue Management
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly occupancy, average daily rate, and REVPAR analysis 


  • Daily revenue Management 

    Weekly and Monthly STAR report review


  • Asset Management/ Rooms out of service  rooms management


  • Rooms management


Quality Assurance 
  • Property audits


  • Relationship building with Franchisor


  • Room Programs

Sales and Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing planning and implementation


  • Rate Position Plans


  • E Commerce review/plan/implementation


  • Quarterly Marketing Plans


Financial Management
  • Monthly profit and loss analysis 


  • Development of monthly and annual operating budget


  • Financial audits 


  • Safety/Risk management 


  • Account receivables and payables


  • Credit card reconciliation


  • PCI compliance


  • Vendor contract negotiations

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